Alumni Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Alumni Program

It's easy! Access the Alumni Program Registration Form and complete the required information.

I'm interested in joining the Alumni Program to stay connected, but am not in the market for a new position right now. Do I need to provide you with a resume?

No, you don't need to be actively looking for a new position to be a member of the Alumni Program, nor do you need to provide us with a resume. If you ever become interested in returning, you can present us with a current resume at that time.

I'm already a member of the Alumni Program, but I have new information to share. How do I update my contact information and current resume?

Please email your new contact information and/or updated resume to the Alumni Program Manager at

I'm interested in applying to a specific position at CACI, but have a question. Who do I contact?

You may contact the Alumni Program Manager at Please make sure to identify the specific job requisition (JR) number found on the Job Description page.

If I'm rehired, do I get credit for time served?

Employees rehired within two years of their last day of employment with CACI will be credited with their prior CACI service (months served with CACI minus months away from CACI) for vacation purposes.

Does CACI have an Alumni Referral Program?

Yes. CACI alums are encouraged to refer their colleagues to CACI through the Alumni Referral Program and will receive between a $500 and $2,000 referral bonus after the candidate is hired and completes three months of employment with CACI.

Can I still refer candidates if I'm not an active member of the Alumni Program?

Yes, any former employee is eligible to participate in the Alumni Referral Program.