Network and Telcommunications Jobs

CACI is seeking cleared Communications and IT Professionals with an active clearance to help deliver innovative solutions to one of our customers in Northern Virginia.

For the past 10 years, CACI has provided support for a critical U.S. Government customer in their role as the network and telecommunications provider for nearly 40 separate government organizations around the world.

Consider joining CACI to help us continue this partnership in producing engineering design support, software development, procurement and logistics, operations and maintenance for the customers terrestrial and satellite networks across hundreds of locations worldwide.

This program, with its womb-to-tomb responsibilities, gives you the unique opportunity to experience a full spectrum career path on all expertise levels, from entry-level analysts, to Cyber Security Experts, to Enterprise Architects. CACI’s unique position in this environment enables us to support on-program career growth as quickly as experience, education, and performance allow. You will also get the chance to interface with stakeholders at headquarter organizations and remote sites around the world, work with end-users on a variety of projects including requirements gathering, equipment installations, and equipment maintenance and troubleshooting.

The majority of our nearly 250-program positions work at customers sites in Fairfax, Chantilly and Manassas, Virginia, with terrestrial and satellite installation teams having the opportunity to travel the globe.

Visit the Network and Telecommunications job page to view detailed job descriptions and apply today to join our talented team!

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