Frequently Asked Questions


Searching and Applying for Positions

After I apply for a specific position, what happens?

You will receive a notice that we have received your application. Your qualifications will be reviewed by a member of our recruiting team and a recruiter will contact you if you are determined to be a potential match for the position.

What if I don't find the right job for me today?

If you have not found the right job for you after browsing our openings, it is advisable to set up a job alert through our Talent Network. This will ensure that you receive an automatic notification when a job is created that matches the criteria that you have selected. Click here to join our Talent Network and set up your job alerts.

I've already submitted my resume. How can I check the status of my application?

You can check the status of your application at any time through the "My Job Page" tab in your applicant tracking system profile (click here to access your profile). Once you are in your job section, select the "My Submissions" tab and you can view all positions you applied to and the status of each submission.


Joining Our Talent Network

What is the CACI Talent Network?

An online talent network where you can opt-in to receive job information from CACI without having to apply. Talent network subscribers receive new job notifications matching their preferences and notices about CACI hiring events and other opportunities.

How do I join the Talent Network?

To join the CACI Talent Network, simply click here and enter a few pieces of information to join.

I have joined the Talent Network and wish to update my notification preferences. How do I do this?

If they wish to update your alerts, you simply set up a new alert via the Talent Network form here. Then click “unsubscribe” from any of your current alerts that you wish to stop.

What is the difference between the Talent Network and the Applicant Tracking System?

The CACI Talent Network allows you to opt-in to receive job information from CACI without having to apply. The Talent Network keeps you abreast of open positions matching the preferences you set up in your job alerts. The Applicant Tracking System is where you will actually apply for positions.


Applicant Tracking System

My Applicant Tracking System password doesn't work. How do I reset it?

Click the "Forgot your password" button on the Applicant Tracking System login page here. You will be sent a new access code to create a new password.

I have already submitted a resume in the Applicant Tracking System. How do I update my information?

You can edit your profile, including contact information, password, and resume by logging in to the Applicant Tracking System here. Follow the prompts to update your information.

  • Number of documents: You may upload a maximum of 10 documents
  • Size: Each document cannot exceed 1 MB
  • File format: Any


Security Clearances

Can I apply for positions if I don't have a security clearance?

Yes. Not all of CACI's open positions require a security clearance and some positions only require that you be eligible to obtain one. Check the job description for security clearance requirements. You may also visit our Advanced Search page and click on “None” in the “Security Clearance” section.

Will CACI hire non-citizens without a security clearance?

Yes. In some instances, our customers will accept a candidate who is a non-citizen and possesses a valid Green Card. However, please keep in mind that most of our customers require candidates to be U.S. citizens who are already cleared or able to obtain a clearance. Check each job description for specific requirements regarding U.S. citizenship and security clearance.

How do I obtain a security clearance if I don't currently have one?

Security clearances are provided only to government employees and contractors who are required to have them in order to perform their work assignments. Many of our positions require an active security clearance; however, some projects allow CACI to submit an uncleared candidate for a clearance prior to the candidate's start. These types of positions list the clearance status as "Must be Obtainable" in their job descriptions. Note that all security clearance requests must be submitted by an employer on behalf of the employee who will be performing classified work. You may not apply for a security clearance on your own.

What do the terms "active," "current," and "expired" mean in regards to my clearance?

If you possess an "active" security clearance, it means that you have a clearance granted by the U.S. government and are presently eligible to access classified information. A "current" security clearance means that you have a clearance granted by the U.S. government and are eligible to access classified information but only with a reinstatement that must occur within two years. Your security clearance becomes "expired" if it has not been used in more than two years and cannot be reinstated. Anyone with an "expired" security clearance must resubmit a clearance application for review.

Will CACI upgrade my current clearance?

We cannot upgrade clearances without client sponsorship. Most of our clients require us to provide them with someone already fully cleared to the level required for the work assignment. We do have a few clients that will allow us to upgrade clearances; those positions will be listed as Clearance "Must be Obtainable."

Why isn't the type of polygraph listed in the clearance requirements?

Due to customer regulations, we are not able to publicly advertise the type of security clearance polygraph required for all positions. The recruiter will disclose the specific polygraph requirements to the candidates who meet the position qualifications.

Can I transfer my security clearance from agency to agency?

Yes, it's possible, but there can sometimes be roadblocks if the granting government agency doesn't accept a clearance from another government agency. CACI security personnel will review these cases to ensure that the correct course of action is taken.

What is the average delay in clearance crossover processing?

The timeline for a security clearance crossover depends on the customer. On average, the process takes one to two weeks, but is subject to change due to customer constraints or delays.

Will my clearance become inactive if my new job doesn't require it?

Clearance eligibility requirements vary based on the customer and whether the person remains in access to sensitive information. If you begin a new job that doesn't require a clearance or requires a lower level clearance than you currently possess, your current clearance may become inactive.


General Employment at CACI

What opportunity for career development exists within CACI?

At CACI, we recognize that the investment we make in talent and development, not just as a company function, but as an individual and organizational commitment, is essential for our employee’s, customer’s, and CACI’s success. We offer learning and development opportunities through a variety of vehicles and programs to develop the skills, knowledge, and behaviors balanced across the customer, employee, and business objectives. Click here for a detailed list of our talent development opportunities.

Do I need to submit to a background check to work for CACI?

CACI requires all candidates who have accepted an offer of employment to undergo a pre-employment background check that includes, at a minimum, verification of education and employment history. Additional verifications are required for candidates who meet these requirements:

  • Fill a position that doesn't require a security clearance
  • Work at an international location
  • Others as determined by CACI's Human Resources or Legal department, as well as our executive leadership team

Additional verifications include a social security trace, criminal records check, and watch list screening. Pre-employment background checks occur simultaneously with the onboarding process and take an average of five to seven business days to complete. Each candidate’s background check must be in progress before he/she can start.

How do I request Reasonable Accommodation?

Qualified individuals with a disability have the right to request a reasonable accommodation for assistance throughout the application process. If you are unable or limited in your ability to use or access our careers website as a result of your disability, please contact us to request a reasonable accommodation.

Does CACI participate in the E-Verify program?

Yes. Please visit the E-Verify page for details.